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Upper Respiratory Support
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BrainCell Support Plus
Brain Support Formula
Heart Support Formula
Digestion Support Formula
Stress Relief Formula
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Female Support Formula
ON SALE!FloControl®
Bladder Support Formula
Energy Formula
Stomach Support
Gum Support Formula
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Healing Support Formula
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Clarity Formula
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Sleep Support Formula
Anti-Aging Formula
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FemmePhase®, FloControl®

Herbal Boost®, and MetaPhase®

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Sleep Support Formula

A comprehensive approach to

Promoting healthy sleep patterns

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Herbal Upper Respiratory Formula

All-Natural Support for

Pollen, Molds and Dander

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  • After the death of my mother, I suffered a prolonged viral infection, no doubt due to stress. Within a period of 9 months, I went from active and vibrant (walked 25 miles per week), to bedridden with...

    Author image
    • Cynthia Seaney
    • 07/11/2016
  • To describe how AllerPhase has changed my husband's life would take too long. Suffice it to say that he is healthy and active when he takes this throughout the pollen season. He takes two every morni...

    Author image
    • Cynthia Seaney
    • 07/11/2016
  • This is a superb product which has enabled me to maintain an active life style long after my contemporaries have resigned themselves to a rocking chair. On rare occasions when I have skipped dosage f...

    Author image
    • James Mcnutt
    • 07/11/2016
  • We use this in our winter arsenal of natural remedies. We use it in conjunction with Broncho Phase if a respiratory issue comes along. This is a wonderful product and we always have some on hand. I...

    Author image
    • Cynthia Seaney
    • 07/11/2016
  • Tango has amazing products. The Osteo Phase is "What the doctor ordered". Looking forward to great results!!!

    Author image
    • Patricia A Fortine
    • 07/10/2016
  • I have been taking the 7 AM pills with breakfast and the 7 PM pills with dinner for the past 2 weeks. I am feeling so much more chill and dare I say "balanced". I no longer have chocolate cravings or...

    Author image
    • Wendi
    • 07/10/2016
  • My father has chronic gastrointestinal issues of unknown origin. We have seen the doctor on various occasions just to be told there is nothing wrong. Anyway, knowing Tango's products to be very effe...

    Author image
    • Cynthia Seaney
    • 07/07/2016
  • I have used Brain Cell in the past with great success, but subsequently took a number of the ingredients individually. However, this latter experiment was a failure, consequently I have returned to Br...

    Author image
    • Harley Dillon
    • 07/04/2016

BrainCell Support Plus

Natural Brain and Mood Support Formula, now enhanced with Huperzine A and Vinpocetine.

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